In thetavern "NIKI", you can taste a wide variety of dishes, prepared with respect to the traditional Greek and Cretan nutrition. We present the Cretan cuisine at its best- using pure local, seasonal products and meats, many of which are ours or local own. We use extravirgin olive oil and only fresh ingredients and raw materials, which are derived from private gardens, mostly organic.
The herbs used in our food, as well as, beverages and special mountain tea that we offer, are fresh and wild from the slopes of the surrounding mountains. Anything from the wood oven is a must have, as well as local cheeses and greens. Try our famousdairy products of the best dairies in our area and don't miss to taste traditional "raki" and wine of our production as well as other local wines.
When you visit our tavern, taste the famous dishes which are prepared in the  wood oven such as: roast pork, roast lamb, roast chicken, gemista (tomatoes and peppers filled with rice and herbs),briam (mixed summer vegetables bake in a fresh tomato sauce, full of the aromas of fresh herbs) and traditional Greek dishes such as moussaka, etc..
Our tavern is famous for its omelet with potatoes, which is prepared in a unique way.
We offer many traditional appetizers and starters, such as local sausages, cretanapaki (slices of smoked pork),dolmatheswith rice and spices(grape leaf rolls or cabbage rolls or zucchini blossoms), green beans(cooked beans with a lot of olive oil, tomatoes, carrots and boiled potatoes),lamb fricassee with avgolemono, snails (escargot) with wheat or fried snails served in vinegar, stew meat (lamb orGoat)with macaroni and cheese (anthotyros)
We emphasize especially on the preparation of our dishes in order to secure that we offer an imaginative, creative, and particularly aromatic proposition, based on simple seasonal ingredients, and the art that comes from the love for the land and the attachment to traditional cooking methods.
Finally, you can enjoy all kinds of coffee and try our desserts, such as yogurt with honey, Cretan traditional cheese pies with honey (mizithropitakia) and accompanying them with our unique homemade "raki".

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