KeraVillage is located 50 kilometersfromHeraklion.Kera is the last mountainous village of the Municipality of Hersonissos, in an altitude of 680 m., in the borders of the Lasithi mountain chain. It is organized in three districts, within the green valley and water streams.

Kera Village is spread in the middle of a valley with abundant waters and luxuriant vegetation. Verdant with fructiferous trees, it offers a breathtaking view. The mountainous area is part of the NATURA 2000 ecological network. The village lies at the entrance of the Lassithi Plateau. In the old district of Kera, time seems to have stopped in the past century: old picturesque neighborhoods, green gardens and old traditional houses.

Leaving the settlement of "Gonies" behind and a few kilometers before you reach the village of "Kera", there is the monastery of "PanaghiaKeraKardiotissa"(Holly Mother), surrounded by a beautiful natural environment. It is characterized as a Byzantine monument (961- 1204 A.D.) Its establishment is related to the thaumaturgy icon of Virgin Mary, which is kept in the church of Saint Alfonso Escuelino in Rome, nowadays. The work is attributed to Saint Lazarus dating from the 9th century.That historic monastery used to be the point of guard for the LassithiPlateau, during Cretan combats. The visitor is impressed by the primeval ways of worship while listening to legends of local tradition and observing the wall paintings in the temple.
It is located between two villages: AnoKera and Kato Kera. They are situated at an altitude of 680 and 580metres, respectively.

A few meters before the district of old "Kera", there is a dirt road that leads to the chapel of "ZoodochosPigi", built in a site of incredible beauty. A bit further from the chapel, southeast from the village "Kato Kera", there is the waterfall of "Embassa". Lengthwise the path that leads from the village of "AnoKera" to the gorge of "Embassa", the walls of old watermills are preserved. The gorge of "Embassa" (6km) starts from "Gonies" and ends in "Kato Kera" and is ideal for walking.
Going back to the central road, towards the plateau of Lasithi, you will see a sign to the archeological site of the Minoan altar "Karfi" of the post-Minoan period stands over like a crown. It is locatedat an altitude of about 1100 meters, and has incredible view to the northern coast of Crete and Lassithi Plateau.
The gorge of Roza is an offshoot of the gorge of Ambelos. It starts from a point near the rural road that crosses the gorge of Ambelos and has east-southeast direction, leading to Kera. The slope of the river is very high, but it can be an ideal path for hiking. Moreover, the sides are impressive, with visible geological formations that attract the eyes of the visitors, with their special beauty.

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At The Traditional Village of Kera Hersonissos
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